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One of the questions we're frequently asked is how to identify the current interior design trends.

Firstly you should know that interior design and fashion broadly follow each other in terms of colour and themes. You can generally identify elements of a fashion trend corresponding to elements of interior design on the shelves within the stores.

If you're still having trouble identifying what's current then just pick up the latest House Beautiful magazine where their front cover depicts one of the latest trends, log onto Beautiful Homes & Gardens ( or just give us a call (contact details below).

The current fashion trends are:
• Colour
• English Eccentric
• 1980’s
• Artisan
• Global Influence – Russian & Tribal
• Boutique Chic

In interior design this corresponds as follows:


Strong 'buy me' colours that shout from the shelves to be picked up and taken home, eg: Cobalt Blue, Vermilion Orange or Chartreuse/Lime Green. They're fantastic when used in small quantities as a highlight or accent colour and instantly give life and energy to a room scheme.

In the current economic downturn these colours shout from the shelves and encourage you to buy the items.


Look to the fabrics and textures of the moment. You should be seeing checks and plaids in your rugs and carpets, or florals used in a dis-proportionate size to the furniture (eg: large floral print fabric on small tub chair or small floral print on large sofa).

In the credit crunch the key is to use what you have already and create an eclectic mix between the old and the new. Not only does this give you an individual style but it also saves money.

• 1980’s

In the credit crunch we harp back to when times were good. Whe're reminded when times were less troubled and there was more happiness and joy. The 1980's related to strong form and power with structure shoulder pads and very angular styling.

In interior design you will notice more heavily structured, almost Origami, items where each piece of furniture or accessory is sleek, possibly modular, with a creative form, ie: it's not just a square box!


In a downturn economy we tend to make do and mend. Kniting, sewing and restoration of salvage furniture are just some of the ways in which we save money to makeover our property.

You may have seen 'Kirsty's Homemade Home' that's currently being shown on television. Kirsty Allsopp, of 'Location, Location' fame, has bought a property and is redesigning it using local crafts and sourcing items from antique markets. She's helped make bespoke cushion covers, a knitted door stop, hand blown glasses, a hand forged poker and a mosaic garden table.

As these one-off pieces are lovingly made you're also more likely to treasure the items. This is turn helps with recycling as you're less likely to just throw it away and will be encouraged to keep it for longer.


As we travel around there's a greater richness to interior design as we mix and match our finds and global treasures into our English homes.

The main influences on the high street at the moment appear to be Russian and Tribal.

I'm sure you've seen the Russian dolls that all pop into each other so that as you open it up and take each doll out they get smaller and smaller until they form a neat row in descending order. Look out for the strong red and orange colour tones with beautiful Russian floral prints.

In contrast to this we have Tribal making a comeback. You'll find the usual animal prints in cushions and throws as well as artwork showcasing either the animals themselves or a more contemporary design showcasing the colour and texture of that land.


As the credit crunch hits home so interior design goes into full-on with Boutique chic. We create a space away from the daily drudge that's a haven of elegance and oppulence.

Lookout for crystal and glass in the shops. Go overboard with designer wallpaper and handmade silk curtains. The importance is to have a look that's totally unique and special to you and you alone.

When you're next out and about take a look in the stores for all of these styles. Let us know what you like and dislike about each style, or send us photos of what you've achieved.

If, however, you'd like a little help putting these designs together to make your home look fantastic, even in the credit crunch, then just get in touch:

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