Monday, 28 September 2009

A Bridge Too Far?


Design is all around us in everything that we see.

This bridge is very square in all ways - from the old brick supports through to the sinple yet effective railings.

Even the graffiti is in keeping with the square theme - how apt!

A very simple bridge that gets you from A to B.

Interesting railings highlight the importance of this bridge. Not just an object to get you from A to B, but also a place to stop and contemplate.

There's many a time I've walked over this bridge with my father as it was a shortcut to Burnley town centre.

It always felt like a princess bridge with it's arches and intricate railings.

I just love the architecture of this bridge. It has great proportions and a lovely line - it makes a very strong design statement.

One of my favourite bridges as there is no pathway through the tunnnel so it's quite mysteriors.

I think the chimney tops of the houses make the bridge appear to be a home in itself - a mini cottage for a recluse maybe?

The bridge also appears to be a person with the tunnel as the mouth, black signpost eyes and bushy green hair!

Isn't it interesting how the graffiti artist has complimented the green of the pipe with the green of their spray paint? Maybe they used a colour chart to match it up?

It's appealing how the simple lines of the supports mirror the simple lines of the railings.

The next time you spot a bridge, what interesting design feature can you see?

Why not send me your snaps.


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