Thursday, 17 September 2009

Live approx 6.7 years longer

This is an interesting article that I came upon recently:

"US Research has suggested that you can live approximately 6.7 years longer by being creative.

They believe that creative thinkers tend to be in better health, possibly because their ability to solve problems helps them to beat stress and gives them a sense of being in control of their lives.

Expressing feelings creatively is also a great way to boost your emotional wellbeing."

Personally, I have found that I'm more creative when I am most stressed or worried.

I love writing poetry, bringing new life to old pieces of furniture, researching interior trends throughout history and especially different countries.

I also love quirky things such as 'Men & Sheds' by Gordon Thorburn (New Holland Publishers Ltd ISBN 1 84330 329 9).

On top of this, I also find psychology facinating. Why have you chosen a specific item or colour in your home. Why have you chosen to put it together in your individual way? Checkout 'Living Normally' by Trevor Naylor (Thames & Hudson ISBN-10: 0-500-51350-3) - where life comes before style!

If you want to take your brain out of it's box, and expand your creative thinking, then checkout 'The art of looking sideways.' by Alan Fletcher (Phaidon 1994). It's a great source of visionary and textural pictures and words to salivate your senses.

Enjoy and live longer :-)



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