Monday, 16 November 2009


I’ve been approached, by Raring2Go ( to write my “5 TOP TIPS when designing a CHILDREN’S BEDROOM” for their December publication.

My top tips will be used alongside an advert for a local children’s furniture company.

My article will not only give weighting to the children’s products but also add interest to the magazine itself.

It’s a coincidence being approached for this as, over the last few months in particular, I’ve been designing numerous bedrooms for teenagers in the 12 to 16 age group.

Teenagers are a fantastic age group to work with as the children’s ideas and personalities are developing and expanding. The teenagers have a basic colour or style idea that they prefer and it’s been my role to put the idea into a practical design that will not only suit them now but also grow with them over these informative years.

Having a room designed specifically for you when you’re young is not only a wonderful treat but it does instil respect and a sense of ownership in the children. This in turn gives them a sense of pride not only in their room and personal space, but also in their home.

As a consequence, the children are more inclined to tidy up after themselves and look after their property.

If you’re updating your children’s bedroom then watch out for my 5 top tips and, as always, if you need a little help then just contact us:

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