Monday, 22 February 2010

My Mother's Day Out

This year, as a mother myself, I'm taking some time out for luxury treats and special events that enrich my life.

Of course there's the fabulous facial and healing hot stone massage but I also want to learn more and see more. I find it fascinating and invigorating to experience new events, as long as it's not jumping off anything with a bungee rope tied around my legs - I'm too scared for extreme sports!

New events always make me more creative which is great for my work - they take me out of my box, widen my scope and broaden my horizons!

With this in mind, I contemplated how I could bring you a special treat for Mother's Day. What would make your day special, bring you fun and a new experience?

Just for you we've put together not one but two special Mother's Day offers:

With our individual attention, these special offers are designed to pamper you. They're designed to give you that thrill and excitement under our expert guidance.

It's your time!


We're often told by our clients that they wish we were sat on their shoulder or tucked away in their pocket for when they go shopping. They want our individual and expert advice there and then to make those snap decisions.

We've thought one step better for you because, although Gwendoline is only 5'1", she won't fit into your pocket no matter how many yoga positions she can get her legs into!

So why doesn't she take you shopping!

Your individual shopping spree with our creative expert will guide you on what to buy and where to buy it.

It's your time!

Of course, as a mother our time is precious, so we show you how to maximise any shopping trips and give you confidence in putting items together quickly and efficiently. Great skills for anyone who hates shopping or is time poor.

Gwendoline will take the time to teach you how to look for those special items to finish off any room, or maybe there's something you're already on the hunt for?

We can help you make those special purchases now or just give you the advice and skills for the future. Either way, it's going to be fun!

Contact us today to book your pamper shopping experience:

Tel: 07841 519802

'My Mother's Day Out' sessions are £99, for a maximum of 2 hours and must be taken before Easter (04Apr2010).

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