Monday, 22 February 2010

My Mother's Day

This year, as a mother myself, I'm taking some time out for those luxury treats and special events that enrich my life.

Of course there's the fabulous facial and healing hot stone massage but I also want to learn more and see more. I find it fascinating and invigorating to experience new events, as long as it's not jumping off anything with a bungee rope tied around my legs - I'm too scared for extreme sports!

New events always make me more creative which is great for my work - they take me out of my box, widen my scope and broaden my horizons!

With this in mind, I contemplated how I could bring you a special treat for Mother's Day. What would make your day special, bring you fun and a new experience!

Just for you we've put together not one but two special Mother's Day offers:
My Mother's Day and My Mother's Day Out.

With our individual attention, these special offers are designed to pamper you. They're designed to give you that thrill and excitement under our expert guidance.

It's your time!

How many times have you walked into a room to be filled with misery - the decor is dated, the layout's all wring or you just can't see past the clutter?

Maybe you long for 'your own space' in your bustling home. Your own space to display your precious things and unwind after a long and taxing day.

As busy mums we give our energy and our time to our family, often putting ourselves last or just making do!

This year though, we're making time for you!

Our creative director Gwendoline will pop into your home and wave her magic to make your space and your home more appealing for you.

She'll offer you lots of guidance and practical advice to sort out those annoying and nagging worries about your home. She can create you a haven to unwind and relax or sort out that miserable room once and for all.

When we live in our homes we can become sanitised to what's around us. We live in the same way day in and day out.

This year we want to help you fall in love with your home again. We'll give it a new lease of life which in turn will invigorate you and your family.

No more miserable rooms and no more making do. Make time for yourself by contacting us today to book your pamper session with Gwendoline.

Tel: 07841 519802

'My Mothers Day' sessions are £99, for a maximum of 2 hours and must be taken before Easter (0Apr2010).

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